Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better Charity is such an amazing charity that I now have the privilege of working closely with. What this charity does for all the lovely ladies it helps is truly special.
So Look Good Feel Better is a cancer charity, specifically for Women. Women who have been effected by cancer and are currently going through treatment come into their local hospital for a Masterclass in Skincare and makeup. It doesn't sound a lot but its amazing what bit of pampering can do.
These women are beautiful inside and out but cancer treatment effects their hair, skin and their confidence. I come into these masterclasses to help remind these brave women that their still fabulous, hair or no hair, still beautiful! We go through a 12 step programme, starting with skincare, all the way through to foundation, eyebrows and down to the lipstick. Each lady gets a goodie bag full of treats and makeup.
Its so heartwarming to watch their confidence grow during the class and its all with the help of makeup, some giggles and a smile <3
If anyone would like anymore information on this charity, maybe you would like to help out in some way? Or you know someone who could benefit from a masterclass. Please feel free to get in touch with me