Look back at 2015

So, admittedly I was absolutely horrendous at blogging in 2015, it didn't happen! At all. Oops!
There are reasons to this... main one being I'm rubbish at blogging and need a kick up the butt. But also 2015 wasn't a great year for many personal reasons. Work had to take bit of a step back, I was still around and still shooting, weddings etc but due to family and personal circumstances I wasn't around as much as I would have liked to have been.
But you pick yourself up, dust it off and continue to sparkle on. Which is exactly what I'm doing this year! I will go into more detail of the dramas of last year in another blog as I think my experiences may help someone else... may not, but your never know! For now its all about work work work!
What happened last year work wise? Hmmm... I met Simon Webbe, yes ladies I hugged him, of course I did! Haha. Such a lovely cheeky guy. As always I gave out my business card. Simon asked if i could do massages, my reply, Anything for you Simon!! Unfortunately I wasn't available when he needed one.... DAMN!!
Had the pleasure of catching up with some of the TOWIE lot. A few afterparties and events, ill have to dig out photos and spill all the gossip for you. More publications came out, which are up on here for you to take a peek at.
I was lucky enough to be offered a place on Val Garlands Mastered Makeup Course. For those of you who don't know who Val Garland is... google!! She is an absolutely amazing inspirational Makeup Artist. And to get the chance to learn from her was a chance in a lifetime. I was very lucky to get selected, thousands of makeup artists worldwide apply for this course and little me got a place! I learnt so much and am so thankful for the experience.
I got asked back to my old college to be a guest judge for their Hair & Makeup competitions. I need to watch my back as some of those students talents are insane! I was blown away by their creativity. Ill be going back this year to judge again so I;m excited to see what the students come up with.
Also returning to the college this year to be a guest speaker for the Hair & Media students. Im going in to talk about the industry and give a demo. Super excited about this and fingers crossed I don't blabber on too much which lets face it, I probably will!
Thats all Ive got time for, for now. I promise Ill be back soon!