Facebook killed me

So... Facebook killed me off!! literally, killed me, no warning, just sneaked up on me one morning and deleted my account! How rude of them.. and mean!!

Anyone who follows me will know I had a facebook account that you could add me on to keep upto date with me, because lets face it... I'm pretty useless at keeping upto date with blogs lol. But because it was a 'personal' account, used for 'business purposes' blah blahhhhh facebook! They decided to delete me, with NO WARNING! Fair enough if they wanted to me change over to a 'like' page (baring in mind this is only so they can make money out of you) but to delete me with no warning is totally unacceptable. Not only is facebook the best place for networking, well over 50% of my work and income came from that account. All my contacts, messages, photos etc... gone! As you can imagine this was an absolute nightmare, and yes i cried like a baby haha. It may sound over dramatic because its just facebook, but anyone who runs a business or is in my industry will understand just how important it is. All that networking ive spent years building up.. blink of an eye and it was gone! I wish facebook could understand just how damaging what they did was. I have lost work because of it. And trust me, if i could get my hands round zuckerbergs neck he would know just how damaging lol. Unfortuantly it is IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with facebook, there is no way of contacting them regarding what they did. So ofcourse this just frustrated me more.

The only option was to make a new 'like' page, which ive done and managed to transfer most my photos over to it. The point of a page is to showcase your work and be able to continue to network with people BUT facebook are sneaky buggas, when you post a status or photos, not all your likers will see it! Only 10% if your lucky! Want everyone to see it? You gotta pay! Gimme a break facebook! Its suppose to be a free social networking site... oh no nooooo. EVIL FACEBOOK EVILLLLLLL!
Moral of the story... don't trust facebook and zuckerberg is the devil in disguise!

My facebook page is still under the same name 'Samantha Lyann Hair-Mua' go find me, like meeeeee, and give it a cheeky share :)