Did the OMG catch your attention? Good ;)
Again I have been slacking with this blogging, I promise I will get better at it... Eventually! But I have been SO busy, it's insane! A good insane though, the amount of work coming in is overwhelming, but I love it so I'm not complaining!

Right now it is midnight (eek!) and I have only just sat down, it feels so good to sit down! So I thought while I'm still awake with my brain still functioning, well... I don't know about functioning but it's working lol I'd do a little update on what's been going on.

Publications, lots of them!! I got the front cover of Jungle Magazine, again! and it is beautifulllll! A local magazine 'Voxx' has published a shoot I was part of with a local team and have put a little write up about us. It's great to see local talent getting recognised! An amazing fashion editorial has been published in 'Noctis Magazine' I actually blogged about that shoot 'It's all about the monochrome' AND another editorial in 'Dream factory' magazine! I'm on a roll! I'll write more about each editorial once I upload the images.
I also have quite a few more publications waiting to come out within the next few months, so until then I have to stay quiet about them. Shhh! Their so good though, so worth the wait.

It's wedding season, so as usual brides are taking over my weekends and I've had the pleasure of beautifying some amazing ladies. Ill hopefully have some photos of a few of them from their big day to pop on here for you all to see. I swear weddings are getting bigger and more extravagant each year, but hey why not?! It's your big day and your only going to do it once (hopefully) so why not make it the biggest day ever! I adore doing weddings, it's like you are contributing to someone's big day. I get to know my brides through the numerous amount of emails that get sent back and forth, meeting them on their trials. I love a good gossip with them to find out all about their relationship, how they got together, how he or she proposed, their plans for the big day and their plans for the future. And you go through a roller coaster of emotions with them, you get the excitement, the stress, the nerves and then finally the pure happiness. It's lovely :)

Coming up there's lots of amazing things going on. I have a magazine launch party to goto, invites to a reality tv stars party. Crazy I know! No name dropping till I go haha. But it's all about the networking :) and some exciting events/shows and photo shoots to work my hair & makeup skills on. EXCITING TIMES!
So keep your eyes peeled, I will make the effort to blog more about everything and anything. Until then remember to check out my Instagram, I'm always updating that, my life in photos <3