A question I often get asked is how I got to where I am today, apart from alot of blood, sweat, tears & a hell of alot of hard work! The people that inspired me and are still inspiring me are a big part of it.

Other Stylists/Artists in the industry obviously inspire me, one of the main ones would be the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, this woman is a creative genius, she pushes the boundaries, has an amazing eye for creative detail and is just simply.. A legend! Plus she has had soooo many Vogue covers, I'm so jealous haha no, it inspires me. I want to be where she is, and I'm on my way ;) if you like high fashion makeup, check her out. She will blow your mind.

I know alot of people would say their parents inspire them, which mine do, but mainly in a different way. They inspire me to work hard and be the successful independent woman that I am. My parents taught me if you want something, you go out and you work hard for it! My mum use to take me with her to get our hair and nails done and i loved it. I remember my mum use to always let me have a say in how I wanted my hair cut so I think this sparked my interest into the hair world as it made me think about how I would want my hair, flicking through magazines admiring all the beautiful pictures to pick a hairstyle. And then theres my Grandma Kathleen :) I use to watch her when I was younger put her rollers in and admire her lipsticks, it would mesmerise me and that's where my love of all things hair and beauty came from <3

There are two women who inspired me and pushed me creatively though, and I don't think I'd be in this industry if it wasn't for them. I'd probably be working in a salon and be your normal hairdresser, nothing wrong with that by the way! It's where I started, but it's just not for me.
So who are these women that created a hair & makeup monster? My tutors from college, Janice and Nicky. Amazing women! I don't think they know just how much they pushed me and inspired me to be who I am today. Hopefully one day ill be able to show them my appreciation.
They taught me so much! Obviously your basic hairdressing skills which is the key foundation to my career, but they also taught me how to be creative, experiment and push the boundaries. They would show me how to do things differently to create something dramatic, unusual and quirky techniques which I took in and have now put my own twist on to create some of my favourite work.
Not only did they teach me technically, it's thanks to them I fell into the music and fashion world. They ran an artistic team at our college which they encouraged me to join. We would do local events and fashion shows. Because I did beauty aswell I would be doing hair and makeup for the team. This gave me the taste for something more, it gave me an insight into what session styling would be like and I loved it!! I even got awarded Artistic member of the year at the colleges award ceremony (one of life's greatest achievements there!) I was so proud! Then you could say my 'lucky break' came along... A Caribbean record company came to the college to get the media department to do a music video for them. The artistic team also got involved and I ended up being the main stylist looking after the Artist and his model wife. Apparently the model wife was extremely fussy when it came to getting her makeup done so I made sure she loved me and my work, and she did!
After the music video was completed, the record company then got in touch with me and asked me to be their hair & makeup artist on tour. BINGO! Ofcourse I said yes and that's how it all started. I toured with them and through that met a tonne of bands, artists, clothing companies and photographers. I made sure everyone knew who I was and most of all remembered me. They would then want to work with me and my name soon started to spread and I would gain more and more contacts. Throughout this I did work in a salon but decided to take the plunge and go it alone, one of the toughest yet most important decisions I have ever made and hey presto! After ALOT of hard work and years later here I am!
So massive thanks to Janice and Nicky, thankyou for all them hours of teaching and mentoring, thankyou for believing in me! I was probably a pain in the arse student sometimes, everyone knows I cause mischief wherever I go haha but all the hours and effort they put in teaching me, so totally worth it!

There you go, a little info on how I got into the industry and the amazing people who inspired me :) Remember to always be grateful and don't forget where you came from. One day you might become someone's inspiration <3