Attention Brides!

Wedding season is here, which means what little social life I have is pretty much over and my weekends are consumed with all you beautiful brides! And I love it! Theres nothing better than being able to contribute to someones big day, making that bride look and feel like the princess she is.

SO much goes into planning someones special day, ofcourse everything has to be perfect. The list of things that need to be considered is endless, I often get asked about people I would recommend, wether it's entertainment, photographers, videographers etc. I've worked in the wedding industry for years now so I have a pretty big list of contacts and today I'm going to share my top contacts with you, along with a few tips and advise that will hopefully help you out abit when arranging your special day.

Firstly Hair & Makeup, this is just as important as anything else. And i'm not just saying this because it's my job, it's true! As a bride you deserve to look breathtakingly beautiful, booking an expert Hair & Makeup artist ensures you will. You need makeup that's going to stay put, Your average makeup will start out looking amazing but ever noticed throughout the day or night you look in the mirror and you need to top up your makeup? You don't want to be doing this on your wedding day, as a makeup artist its our job to make sure you don't. A professional makeup artist will use only the best cosmetics on your face, our products are tried and tested so we know its going to stay put. I joke with my brides and say if you don't take your makeup off in the evening, you'll wake up in the morning and the majority of it will still be on your face! We are there to make you look the best version of yourself, same goes for your hair, as a hair stylist we know how to secure that perfect style so that it doesn't fall out, or look flat and tired by the end of the day. Remember your having thousands of photos taken that day, those photos are going to be your treasured memories, you want to look flawless in them :)
I can not stress enough to all you brides to be, do not leave booking your Hair and Makeup Artist till last. Just like your venues or your photographers, a good Hair and Makeup artist gets booked up in advance. And remember when getting quotes, you are paying for someones experience and their quality of products. Feel free to ask an artist about their experience, what products they use. Research them, look at images of their previous work, ask for references. The same goes for when booking other people for your day, a professional will have no problem in answering any of your questions or providing you with any information you need.

A few tips for brides on the run up to the wedding, look after yourself! I know this seems like an obvious thing to say but believe it or not alot of brides seem to forget, they get so stressed out with all the planning and last minute things. My top tips are... drink plenty of water, this is great for your skin. It flushes you out and helps your skin look healthier. Invest in some good skin care, you need to cleanse, tone and moisturise daily. NEVER goto sleep with your makeup still on, always take it off. Exfoliating is great for your skin, scrubbing off those dead skin cells. This one is easier said than done but TRY and stay away from alcohol, or atleast don't drink too much, especially on the run up to the wedding as alcohol can make your skin look tired and puffy.

A photographer is there to capture all those special moments so you can look back and re live your special day through photos! A good photographer will put you at ease, make you feel comfortable infront of the camera. There are so many photographers out there, they all have their own style of photography, each one is different and unique in their own way. I've had the pleasure of working along side a tonne of photographers and there are some that I think are simply amazing, they create magical, beautiful images, the kind you look at and it takes your breath away!
My top wedding photographers are...
James Green.,
This guys work is just, wow! I don't need to say more, just take a look and I guarantee you will be saying wow aswell. He is also a lovely, sweet guy and nothing is too much for him. Book James for your wedding and you will not be disappointed.
Aaron Cheeseman.
I love working with Aaron, he's awesome! I work with Aaron alot on photoshoots, but if you ask him nicely he also shoots weddings and he shoots them beautifully! His style is effortless and really captures your day perfectly.
A few more I recommend would be
Nick Austwick
Richard Moore
Chris Waud

Videographers seem to be hard to find and usually what I get asked about the most, especially in the Lincolnshire area. A videographer captures your day on film, which is fantastic! At the end of it you get your own little wedding movie.
There is one guy I highly recommend and that is Adam,
Adam Galwas
He's a great guy and his work is truly amazing, check him out, you can't help but smile when you watch his videos.

There is so many different types of entertainment you can have for your big day. Singers, Musicians, Bands, Magicians & DJs. It all depends on your personal preference.
My absolute favourite to recommend would be Alexandra Parker, Female Violinist.
When you think violinist some people might think zzzz boring but oh no you are so wrong!! Alexandra can literally play anything you want, it's not just classical music, and she plays it so beautifully. Alexandra can play while the bride is walking down the aisle, she can play to entertain your guests while you sign the register, and you can also book Alexandra to play at your evening do, and that's where it gets exciting! She can do a whole show with lasers and music and it's amazing! You need to check her out to see what I actually mean. If you want something a little bit different, Alexandra is your girl, I can't recommend her enough.

There just a few of my recommendations but there is loads of fantastic people out there. Just remember to do your research, and ask questions, and where possible book in advance!
I hope for anyone arranging their big day this has helped a tiny bit, and if anyone has any questions at all, always feel free to drop me a message :)

All the best for your big day! xx