What goes into an Editorial

So, Editorials! Those pretty pages in a magazine. As a Hair and Makeup Artist you get commissioned to do editorial spreads for magazines, or you may to do shoots that you 'submit' to magazines for them to publish. I'm lucky to have been published many times, most of the time these things are planned but alot of the time I don't even know about it, I'll open up a magazine and randomly see my work, or get an email/call to say your work is in so and so magazine, sometimes MY work has been under SOMEONE ELSE'S name... infuriating!! That's the worst, when someone has either stole your work or someone has cocked things up and not credited you correctly, annoyingly these things do happen! I have a tonne of published work coming out soon, eeek! Which is why I've not updated my images on here in a while, as their all waiting to be published. You can't show an image prior to it being published as obviously the magazine wants to be the first to showcase it.

I thought I would give you a little insight into the process of an editorial, as it's not as simple as some people may think. Weeks or preparation go into planned editorial spreads.
I'm currently in the process of arranging an editorial shoot for a magazine I have shot for before, a lovely big beauty spread! I can't tell you the details but what I will tell you is the process... So it starts with an Idea, you have to have an idea of what you want, wether it be beauty or fashion etc. Anyone can think of this idea, in this case it happens to be the Editor of the magazine who contacted me saying they wanted more beauty editorials adding to their magazine, so have asked me to do this :) Luckily this editorial has already been approved by the magazine so it will be published, but some of the time you and your team (photographer, models, stylists etc) will create a shoot and then submit to a magazine for them to view and decide wether they want it in their magazine or not.

After you have your 'idea' you need to create a brief/mood board to showcase your idea, as it's all well and good having this idea in your head but everyone else can't see into your head! Having a visual brief/mood board makes this easier for other people to see and envisage your idea. A brief is to simply describe what you want, and a mood board is a collection of inspirational images, pieces of fabric, colours etc to show what you are aiming for. Pinterest is a great app to use for this, say for instance you want to do a shoot based around red carpet glamour, you just need to search 'red carpet glamour' and thousands of images will come up, you pick the ones you like the look of, maybe its the makeup or the hair, it could be the models pose, or the clothing. I have to say this is not to copy the images! Never outright copy an image, just use it as inspiration, always put your own twist on things.

After you've created your brief/mood board you need to show this to people that you want to get on board, photographer, models and stylist. Picking the right people to be part of the team is crucial, everyone plays a huge part and if one person is under performing it can ruin the whole thing. You could have great hair/makeup, model and stylist, but if the photographer is pants the whole thing will look rubbish, same goes for models, stylists and hair and makeup, every one has to be right to create beautiful images. When booking your creatives, always look at their previous work, is it to your standard? Models, do they have the look you require, will they suit the brief? Stylists, can they get the garments you need, can they contribute to the shoot? Photographer, is their style of photography what you want/need, is it to a high standard? Hair and Makeup, is their work neat, is it professional, can they create the look you need? You can spend hours looking through peoples portfolios but it's worth it to get everything just right! And that's just a basic team, often you need to consider designers, assistants, videographers, extras.. the list is endless! Once you've got your team sorted, everyone has their own things to sort for the shoot, models need to make sure they are in shape etc, stylist needs to source the garments, photographer usually sorts locations, thinks about how he/she wants to shoot this, hair/makeup needs to sort out the looks they are going to create. A date needs to be set for the shoot, sometimes it can just be a one day shoot, sometimes more, all depends on the shoot. A location needs to be set aswell, sometimes its as simple as being in a studio or sometimes you need to location scout, this is if the shoot isn't going to be indoors in a normal studio, it could be a penthouse apartment? Stately Home? Beach, woods, anywhere and everywhere can be a location for a shoot. But again you need to research this and find your perfect location.

Then obviously next comes the shoot itself, like I said this can just be a day thing or spread out over a few days. It's always great fun seeing your 'idea' come to life! Hard work, long days and tiring but still great fun. The next step is left upto the photographer, they have to go away and retouch the images to make them perfect. I'm always amazed by what photographers can do with photoshop, they can literally change everything! As a hair and makeup artist its our job to make this process alot easier and simpler for the photographer, if you are good at your job the photographer shouldn't have too much to do, maybe hide a few stray hairs, smooth out the models skin texture etc and touch up any imperfections, afterall we can be amazing hair and makeup artists but we're not plastic surgeons! We can't completely hide those odd wrinkles, or fix a crooked smile... a photographer can! If only there was a real life photoshop button hey?!

So that's pretty much the whole process from a creatives side, the rest is left to the magazine, the images will get sent off to them and if theres an article to be written with it, The magazine will put it all together and hey presto! You'll see your work in them glossy pages :)
Jeez... I do babble on alot haha but I hope that has given you insight into the process of an Editorial. I can't wait to share more of my published work soon!