Backstreets Back... Alright!!

AHHHHHHHHHH!! Yes you read right, I met the Backstreet Boys, oh yes!! I hugged them, I danced with them, spoke to them and ofcourse I gave them my business cards, it had to be done! :)
For anyone that knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of them delicious boys, or should I say men? Hardly boys anymore, ok I'll rephrase that to handsome men! I have been a fan since I was probably 9 years old and I always will be, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've never had the chance to meet them... until last week and omg, dream come true! I am aware I am mega fan girling right now, but I don't care lol.

So where do I start? from the beginning would probably be a good place right?! Myself and Alexandra Parker (She is the electric violinist I work with loads, you'll see plenty of her on my website and probably hear alot more of her, we've become good friends through work) went to Glasgow last week, purely to goto the Backstreet Boys concert, I know this is a longggg way to go just for a concert (600 mile round trip for me) but with us both working in the wedding and entertainment industries our free dates are very rare and its almost impossible for us to get the same date free and that was the only tour date we could both do so we just thought what the hell.. road trip! So we went upto Glasgow for 2 nights and we had a blast!

Anyway to the important part, Thursday night, Backstreet Boys! The concert was AMAZING, They had 2 support acts. First was a group called ExchangeVocal, whoah them boys are talented! and Hot, check them out ;) definitely my new boyband crush, They sang acapella to start with and it was just insane how good they was, loved them! Next was the AllSaints! Remember them?! They also had DJ Nikki Beatnik with them, that is one cool lady! AllSaints were so good, got everyone up and dancing, sang all their old classics... "I Know where its at.." and them girls have not aged one bit, I need some of whatever their having! They looked great, and sounded better than ever. Then we had The Backstreet Boys. The atmosphere was electric, they were just so amazing, singing all their old stuff and new stuff, interacting with the crowd and can them boys still dance? Hell yeah they can.. swooooooon! I was dancing and singing along, I lost my voice and my feet were killing me, perfect concert!

Now I know your probably wondering how did I meet them? Well the answer is... AFTERPARTYYYYY! I have never been so excited in my entire life! Myself and Alexandra are use to these kind of situations because of our jobs, meeting 'celebs' and mingling with high profile people so we don't let it faze us or come across star struck, untill afterwards we will have a squeal at each other and say "omg that was so and so" but this was the Backstreet Boys, my first loves lol so containing my excitement was a hard thing to do, obviously didn't want to look like a crazed fan... I was! But I hid it well haha. The afterparty was in a small room with a small stage, Nick did a DJ set and the guys were dancing/singing/messing around to songs (not their own), they mixed with everyone that was there. AJ held my hand... eeeek! and pulled me up to have a dance with them, amazing! Had a quick chat with AJ, he literally is one of the sweetest guys ever, Nick was Djing throughout the whole party so didn't get much chance to speak to him but I did get to say hi and have a cuddle so that will do me! Spoke to Howie quickly and did a little booty shake with him, that guy knows how to shake his tush! Kevin was here there and everywhere, such a funny guy and unfortunately Brian wasn't at the afterparty which was a shame but 4 out of 5 aint bad! The party went on till about 1am, It was so much fun!

Whenever I'm at events where I know there will be high profile people I always make it my mission to somehow get a business card to them, wether its giving them to people in person or giving to agents/managers/roadies/whoever to pass on, as you never know! It's likely that they will never look at it again but theres always the chance they will so I always advise everyone to have cards on them, and the fact I actually got to give my card to the boys in person, priceless! And party with them, woooooo! Didn't quite manage to make them realise they need me in their life but theres always next time ;) Watch this space!