Bang Tidy

catch up for you :)
So... Bang tidy!! No I don't mean Keith Lemon, I'm talking about a local band called The Marras, 4 guys from Scunthorpe who are uber talented and of course girls they are all cuties! You need to check these guys out, I'll add a link onto the end of this blog for you.

So why am I blogging about them? Well, I got the chance to meet and work with these talented guys on a little project for one of their songs 'Bang Tidy' working along side one of my favourite photographers Aaron Cheeseman aka Ched53, basically a mini music video. We've only shot one scene so far, we did this in Scunthorpe in a gorgeous house, in the bathroom... well the shower to be exact! Fully clothed, don't let them minds of yours run wild! As you can imagine 4 cheeky musicians on set, guaranteed to be a giggle. I don't think they quite expected a makeup artist to be there for them when they arrived, typical lads all took the mick out of each other getting their makeup done, but they all secretly loved abit of pampering ;) especially one of them who afterwards was asking me to put eyeliner on him (he had already filmed his part, he just wanted some guyliner!)

Alot of people don't realise that guys do need abit of makeup when they are infront of the camera, for something like this they just needed alittle bit, to make them look the best version of themselves. The key is to make it look like they don't have any on, so as natural as possible. For this I prep the skin like I usually would, clean and prime. I use Mac Face and Body Foundation, this is a great foundation as it can be applied super light or it can be built up to create more of a coverage, for the guys its just a light coverage to even out the skin tone, conceal any spots etc, and then a light powder to set and eliminate any shine, groom the brows and a tiny bit of clear mascara and its done, so simple yet effective. I also added a quick spray of makeup sealer, because we were filming in the shower, with the shower actually on we needed the makeup to be waterproof. I love this product, its basically like hairspray for the face (girls... and boys, please do not actually use hairspray on your face!! I know alot of you do, DON'T) The one I use is from Mua Cosmetics, its called Pro-Base Makeup Fixing Mist, £5... bargain!! I'll link it at the end for you.

The guys were great fun to work with and I can't wait to see the finished result :) I also have to say a massive well done to one of the guys girlfriend, she came along thinking she would just be watching but she ended up having to be involved and she was great! I'll blog more when we film more. Until then, don't forget to check The Marras out!