Catch up

Again another blog starting with me saying how busy I've been, I really need to make the time to blog! SO much has been going on, which means so much to tell you! Lots of fantastic shoots, some epic up and coming plans. I've just got back from a much needed break in Glasgow... Yes I actually had a break! Which didn't involve work, that's very rare for me haha but most importantly it did involve the Backstreet Boys!! Omgggggg wait till I blog about that amazing experience, best time ever! My inner teenager is still squealing about it and I am not ashamed to admit it lol.

So anyway, back to catching up. Some things I have to keep quiet.. Zzzzz! But all will be revealed soon. Waiting on a tonne of images from shoots that I can't wait to share.
One shoot I can tell you about is a shoot I had the pleasure on working on the other day with a fab model called VioletEyes and Photographer Jamie Mahon.
VioletEyes is a local model to me, and she's awesome! She's more alternative, not the usual fashion models I work with but she can literally do any kind of style you need. When I first started out in this industry, VioletEyes is actually the first ever model I worked with and its great to still be able to work with her. Jamie the photographer was great too, a proper perfectionist, and I loved that about him! The style of the shoot was something very different to what you'll usually see me doing, but its good to do something different every now and again, and this was great! We did two different sets, the first set was a cosplay theme.. Harley Quinn! so totally different to what I do, but it looked amazing, VioletEyes can take on any character infront of the camera and own it so it's so easy to work with her, the atmosphere on set is always fun. We had a wig for this look so I didn't need to do the hair which was great, just pop the wig on, simple! The makeup was your typical Harley Quinn look, you know the pure white face, big red lips? Pure white face can be a pain to do when you're a perfectionist like me, it can be tricky to get it flawless, I used a stargazer white face paint and my tip is make sure you prep the skin properly before applying. A good primer base is a must! And use a wet brush to apply the white, makes it glide on alot easier so it's not so cakey. I also added abit of contouring and shading to the cheeks so her face didnt look so 'flat' in the pictures and gives abit of shape with it being pure white.
The second set was a little bit more fashiony, is fashiony a word? It is now! But more of a dark fashion, A designer called LoveChild Boudoir sent us some truly amazing pieces to shoot with, Im not going to say too much as you'll have to wait to see the images but there was lots and lots of feathers, and lace, and black! Your probably reading this and thinking 'whattttttt?' but trust me, the pieces were amazing!
I've added a cheeky behind the scenes photo of the Harley Quinn look :) On my Instagram there is also a silly photo of our photographer Jamie when we dressed him up in a few of the LoveChild Boudoir pieces, he looked ever so pretty ;) always so professional on set! I was going to add it to this blog but he might kill me haha so head over to my Instagram for more behind the scenes photos.