Where can you find me

It's just a quick blog to let you know where else you can find me online so if you want you can keep upto date with what's going on as I always try and update my social medias.

First, Facebook! Everyone's on Facebook right? Here you can see photos that sometimes don't make it onto my website, I put castings up on here, I might have the odd rant, I probably talk alot of rubbish and just the usual ongoings of Facebook!

Twitter, pretty much the same as Facebook, but simpler.

Instagram, the place for photos. This is where you'll see pictures of my work, behind the scene shots, silly photos of me and my friends, my dog Dooley :) everyone knows Dooley, the little rascal :) and ofcourse there's the odd quote photos.

I'm also on Pinterest, but I've not quite got the hang of that yet seen as though I am a total technophobe but I'm getting there! On here is where you'll see my inspiration for hair/makeup looks, looks I just love the look of and mood boards for up and coming shoots. It's a great app once you get the hang of it, literally pictures of everything and anything on there!

And I think that's about it! Feel free to follow me :)