A little bit of makeup goes a long way!
My friends and clients are forever asking me how to do this, how to do that, can you please show me this etc, and my best friend is the one who asks the most.... Meet Jenny :)

This BEAUTIFUL girl is my BFF, we've been best friends since we were 3 years old, we're now 27! We've grown up together, watched each other grow, been through the good and bad times together. Theres hardly a day that goes by where we dont talk to each other, and often our conversations are the most random, stupid funny things! If people could see our conversations... we would either be arrested, sectioned, or just awarded for being too damn funny!

Jenny is always my guinea pig so be prepared to see alot more of her! Anytime I train in something new, want to try out a new makeup/hair product or trend, she's first in line! So Jenny kindly agreed (not that she had much choice!) for me to do a before and after shot of her, she's a star!

As you can see in the photo to the left, the first top left photo is Jenny completely natural, no makeup, hair back, nice and simple, and still absolutely gorgeous without any makeup on! The next two photos are her little transformation to show the difference makeup can make. I also did her hair in a simple braid at the front with some soft curls around her face. How stunning does she look?! These photos have not been photoshopped at all, straight off the camera phone, no filters!
This is just to show you how the right makeup, and applied correctly can completely change your face.

I'm going to list all the products used and where you can find these, and will blog in further detail step by step how to create a look like this as soon as I have abit more time :)

Mua cosmetics
Kiss proof lip stain
Waterproof liquid liner
Foundation palette
Prep & prime skin primer
Pro long wear blush
Barry M
Dazzle dust pots
HD Brows
HD Brow pencil
Bobbi Brown
Sheer finish loose powder
Eldora lashes
Lashes b164